Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Six Students Arrested & Jailed After Breaking into School

Theft? Nope. Vandalism? Nope. Assault? Nope.

To retrieve their marbles. In 1903.
'Primarily their visit was for the purpose of recovering some canicks, and chinies, and falsies and flints – species of marbles, it developed in court – which a teacher had confiscated from one of the bad band. So far as the recovery of the marbles was concerned the expedition was a howling success. In addition one of the teacher’s desks was found to be treasure trove to the extent of 43 cents, and this was also appropriated by the lads.'
The boys were 12 at the time, caught by the janitor, who called the police. The judge thought it best they spend 24 hours in the city jail - to teach them the error of their 'buccaneering spirits.'

Nowadays, their parents would probably lawyer-up, scream police brutality, sue for emotional distress, and demand school 'counseling' (at tax payer expense, of course) as restitution for not making the school more secure.

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