Friday, April 19, 2013

*KC Street Scene from 1938

It's from an issue of LIFE magazine. I'm not sure who is the photographer.

Judging from the landmarks of yesteryear, I'd guess we're looking east, standing near the corner of Walnut & 12th street (note the street car congestion!).

Dead center of this photo is the quasi-gothic tower of the Tower Theater located between McGee & Grand on 12th st.

Further off in the hazy distance, just a little to the right of the Tower, is the monolithic county courthouse building.

Near the middle left protrudes an old KATZ drug store sign. Isaac Katz started the iconic drugstore chain in 1917. OSCO - later renamed CVS Pharmacy - bought out the Katz Bros. in 1981.

The most famous KATZ store was built during the great depression in 1934. It's empty now, auctioned off last year, but the Art Deco building is located in Westport at 3948 Main Street.


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