Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Missouri Revenue Director Resigns Amid CCW Controversy

From the Columbia Tribune:
"JEFFERSON CITY — Brian Long resigned Monday as director of the state Department of Revenue after four months on the job and as legislative inquiries into the release of concealed gun data and a new driver licensing system have the department facing tough questions." 
 That CCW data was released to the Feds via the Mo. State Highway Patrol.
"Lawmakers have reacted strongly to the release of the confidential information. They are also concerned about whether the new licensing requirements are part of an effort to implement the 2005 federal Real ID Act.

Concealed weapons permits are confidential. A state law passed in 2009 bars Missouri from taking steps to implement Real ID because of concerns about the amount of data that would be collected on individuals." 
 And therein lies the controversy.

Apparently, privacy is only a concern to govt. when your underage daughter wants to kill her unborn child without her parent's knowledge.

From 2005 until his appointment as revenue director in December, Mr. Long Long was chairman of the Council on Public Higher Education, the association of the state's public universities - which may help explain his anti-liberty, nanny-state tendencies. Deputy Director John Mollenkamp will serve as acting revenue director until a new permanent director is appointed.
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