Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ozark Missouri School Employees Now Carry Weapons

And the parents approve.

From a perplexed NY Times:
"The school board, which includes a former county sheriff, worked out the details of liability coverage with Fairview’s insurance provider. Then, at an open meeting in late February, it authorized some of the school employees to undergo a training program that would certify them to carry guns on campus.

Those employees took a 40-hour course during spring break last month through a company called Shield Solutions, whose instructors included local SWAT team members. The training, which was paid for by the school, included firearms and situational drills. The employees, who have furnished their own guns, each also had to pass a background check, a drug test and a mental evaluation — all of which must be repeated annually, as well as additional firearms training and re-certification. 

“It’s not a ‘Well, here’s your gun; carry it,’ ” said Vic Williams, the Fairview superintendent. “It’s very closely monitored. It’s not a Clint Eastwood-type deal.”
Children are precious and priceless. We are required, by law, to entrust them to public educators 7 hrs / day, 240 days / yr., and pay for the privilege with tax dollars. It's only reasonable to do our best to protect them, and firearms in properly trained hands are a good solution. Govt. officials are protected by armed guards; entertainers are protected by armed guards; sports stars are protected by armed guards; our money is protected by armed guards. Our children are more valuable than all put together.

BRAVO to this district for making the right decision.
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