Monday, April 22, 2013

Value Diversity, Define it Broadly

I say hogwash. Diversity for its own sake is no accomplishment, and in fact, only highlights division.

David  Stoeffler, in an editorial at the News-Leader, offers up the usual goldilock multi-cultural bromide about the 'value of diversity:' not too European; not too Catholic; not too rich, but ju-ust right, so we 'reflect the community.' But not until he assails us with a tale about his sheltered small town boyhood with all those White people where he grew up, and how Black folks were either Cassius Clay or Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Oh, and a family of Jehovah's Witness, too.

Mr. Stoeffler elaborates:
"Race and ethnicity are key aspects to any honest commitment to diversity — particularly given the changing demographics in our country — but they are not the only factors. The key is to recognize the value of all types of differences, including gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical disabilities and socioeconomics. Differing political values also should be recognized."
Differences, differences, and more differences, said the multi-culturalist.

Odd. We, as a nation, spend billions per year on higher education at university (unity from diversity), only to be indoctrinated with the demand for diversity, which is merely a mutated relativism, disdainful of morality, conservatism, and human nature, yet claims the mantle of tolerance. It all sounds so double plus un-good.

Diversity for its own sake is no accomplishment, and in fact, only highlights division. Unity of virtue is common ground for all people and societies: honesty, charity, patience, hard work. And it matters not what the color of your skin or where you where born in order to embrace these ideals; only the content of your heart.

Or was that just crazy talk from some guy many decades ago which liberals conveniently disregard??
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