Friday, May 03, 2013

How many lone wolves make a pack?

From Howie Carr at Boston Herald:
' Needless to say, nobody knew from nothing that their pal was a bomber, even though he’d been bragging to them about his bomb-making prowess. What could they possibly know about infernal devices? Well, they understood enough to get the Vaseline the hell out of Junior Terrorist’s dorm room.

And that’s another thing. After they got back to their apartment in New Bedford, the Borats and their faithful Cantabrigian companion “freaked out” when they saw their comrade on CNN.

Yet they again neglected to call 911. Instead, they return to UMass Dartmouth to scrub the incriminating evidence out of Junior’s room.

OK, so these guys weren’t the brightest bulbs. One of them actually flunked out of UMass Dartmouth. Who knew that was even possible?'
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