Friday, August 29, 2008

Dr. Feel Good & Bad Timing

I didn't watch the Obama-fest last night as I was otherwise occupied with Mrs. Locomotivebreath. But I have been reading all the news reports and opinions from around the world with great amusement. They all range from fanaticism to utter disgust, but I think Eileen from the People's Press Collective nailed it for me:

But I also realize I am looking at the Obama phenomenon as a decided outsider. It’s a bizarre sense, watching millions swept up in a bona fide personality cult and still being unable to see what’s so damn special about the pied piper.

I see Obama as a deeply, deeply flawed man. He’s brilliant, but I also think he is consciously dishonest and that the corruption he chose, over and over, to be part of gave him his start. It may not matter, because the crowd in Denver is eating it up. They cheer at everything.

Obama throws out rhetorical fluff. The masses roar approval. Repeat.

One thing I have not seen from anyone (right or left) is an analysis of the timing of this democratic socialist sound & fury machine. We witnessed an example of a cricket chirp fest last weekend with the great VP peek-a-boo: weekends are dead ends for news cycles. And this weekend is a long holiday weekend. Cats simply don't bounce well when everyone is tuned out.

Come Tuesday morning, Mr. Obama's day in the sun will be faded like yesterday's news; the GOP will circle the wagons and the MSM will begin their siege up North - and Obama's dead cat will be all but forgotten.

Update: Surber has a round-up of other reactions.

Updated update: Plus, this little nugget could pour even more water on Obama's post convention hoopla:

Updated, updated update: Like I was sayin'....

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