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Monday, January 27, 2020

LIVE: Trump’s Defense Continues

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr will address the Senate today. Click on over to watch.

'He Presumed': EU Amb. Gordon Sondland House Judiciary Committee Testimony Last Year is the Sham of this Impeachment (VIDEO)

"You do not have any evidence that the President of the United States was tied to withholding aid from Ukraine in exchange for investigations."

A Few Headlines - best of the interwebs

ABC/WaPo: Trump climbs to highest job approval rating of his presidency amid impeachment trial
From always sardonic never-trumper, Allahpundit at HotAir:
"A 44/51 split as the *high-water mark* of one’s presidency is dismal but that’s the number among all American adults. When you look instead at registered voters, the sort of people who are more likely to actually turn out in an election, it creeps up to 47/50. Among independent adults he’s at 47/48, up nine points since October and right on the cusp of net positive territory. That’s a pretty respectable base of support in a hyperpartisan age from which to launch a reelection campaign.

How’s he doing it? You know how:"
Allahpundit tries his best to paint The Donald as a one-trick pony. IE: It's the economy, stupid.

But, wait. There's more: Lowest unemployment in 50 years. And? Soaring stock market. And? War on terror triumph (Soleimani is simply the latest POS to dirt nap) And? Thumb jam in the eye of the always one way 'mistakes' media. And? Energy independence. And? The Wall. And? JUDGES! And? Defund planned parenthood. And? Pro-life. And on and on and on...

That's no pony, AP. That's a herd of stallions.

Sen. Lindsey Graham(R-SC): I think Trump is going to get acquitted, and he’ll be stronger than he was after Mueller probe

What happened (Saturday), in two hours, the Senate — the president’s defense team destroyed the narrative created in 21 hours regarding process and substance.
“So the Nixon impeachment lasted for years. He went to the Supreme Court. The Clinton investigation lasted for four-and-a-half years. So the defense was able to tell the Senate that all the due process given Nixon and Clinton didn’t exist with Trump.”

Morning Coffee

"If Trump were a dictator, all the people calling him one would be in unmarked graves. Or, more likely, sucking up to him." - Glenn Reynolds

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes

'Life in prison for all abortionists on demand, and without apology!' edition.

Chronic Liar Adam Schiff(D) Lies more Lies during Closing Impeachment Lie

"‘Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike!’” said Schiff, reading from the report dramatically. “Now, I don’t know if that’s true,” he added."
‘He Lost Me’: Schiff Angers and Annoys GOP Senators with Closing Clunker

This? This is what 'lost me?' Not the other 84,612 fibs, fudges, half-truths, and out right LIES this Schiff show coup scam has produced during the previous 6 months - much of it conducted in secret in the House basement? Ok. Re-calculating:

Morning Coffee

The FBI Scandal

If they insist they are scandal-free, there are scandals. Bank on it. The Left always reveals their true self by what they deny or accuse. Others who are smarter than moi have stated, "Get rid of the FBI already. The corruption metastasized well beyond the director's office. The FBI turned into the Democrat Party's KGB. There is no reform possible. Its buildings needed to be razed and the land salted."

Eli Lake at Commentary Magazine makes the case this should be so, although he doesn't specifically recommend that remedy.
"The answer is messy. A comprehensive survey of all available information about the matter shows there were grounds in the summer of 2016 for American intelligence and law-enforcement officials at the FBI to turn their attention to the peculiar behavior of some Trump campaign advisers. But as the bureau learned more about them, it should have reassessed its theory of the case. Indeed, it was obliged to do so—by law, and custom, and elementary standards of fairness.