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Friday, December 06, 2019

Walmart Employee Pages Store Looking For 'Mr. Clinton Killdepstein' : VIDEO

Odd, how FBI can't seem to find him, either.

USA: So Racist & Bigoted 'Hate Crimes' Must be Faked

Indiana Church Graffiti: Another Fake ‘Hate Crime’ Busted
"Some of you may recall the 2016 case of the Bean Blossom, Indiana, church that was vandalized with spray-painted slogans reading, “Fag Church,” and “Heil Trump.”

The so-called attack on the church was national news for weeks and the church itself even left the graffiti in place for several weeks to show the world the hate that goads Trump voters to action."
Sadly, a lie will travel around the world many times before the truth can lace up its shoes.

And in the age of Trump, there's been such a tidal wave of these fake 'hate crimes,' I always declare these incidents to be fake news, fake hate, fake crimes until proved not fake.

Aging APP Reveals Nasty Law Professor Who Attacked Barron Trump to be 56 y.o. Greta Thunberg

Or perhaps the nasty law professor is merely a disagreeable shape-shifting, time traveler. Discuss.

Morning Coffee

It's late, but worth the wait.

Amid impeachment hearings, Trump's approval rating among highest of presidency: Rasmussen

That's because - for us normal folks far away from the D.C. echo chamber - Trump and Co. is doing a good job for us.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Morning Coffee

Joe Stalin approves.