Friday, August 22, 2008

How many houses does John McCain own?

There is a definitive answer, but before we get to that, let's look at former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards' lavish $5.4 million, 102 acre estate - in one of those two Americas he frequently mentions - pictured directly below.

Or how about key note speaker at the DNC next week, former democrat VP, Al Gore's energy hog of a $2.3 million mansion in Nashville, TN? That's just one of three houses that he & his wife own.

Probably of no concern to the obamanator campaign. But maybe this is.....

That's Senator Obama's $1.65 million mansion in Chicago's ritzy Hyde Park district. There's some question as to what dealings and influence Tony Rezko, a now convicted felon & one time political strongman in Chicago, achieved when 'helping' the Obama's buy that mansion back in 2005.

That poor judgment is coming back to bite the obamanator on the butt with a very good McCain TV spot. Construed racism, to be sure. (video)

So what. Who cares? I sure don't. This is the land of opportunity. If these men are rich n successful, God bless 'em & good luck. I simply take issue with their hypocrisy. (Insert Matthew 7:3 here). And their uber leftist, fascist social engineering schemes designed to 'save' us all from ourselves. Financed with other people's money. Of course.

So, since these democratic socialist hypocrites made an issue of homes, lifestyle, fortunes and finance, "How many houses does John McCain own?" Zero. All McCain property (much of it investment property) is in Mrs. McCain's name or that of a family trust.

A shell game, you say? Disingenuous, you charge? Nope. Just the facts, Friday. Facts derived from intense national scrutiny that extends to all participants in this, the most expensive presidential race, evah.

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