Tuesday, September 09, 2008

71% of Obama's supporters oppose the Constitution of the U.S.

Specifically in regards to Court decisions. So says a recent Rasmussen poll.

While 82% of voters who support McCain believe the justices should rule on what is in the Constitution, just 29% of Barack Obama’s supporters agree. Just 11% of McCain supporters say judges should rule based on the judge’s sense of fairness, while nearly half (49%) of Obama supporters agree.

"Fairness." Define it and implement your brand of it. Then see how many enemies you have. I'm sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a sense of "fairness" but I wouldn't stake the life, liberty or posterity of this nation upon it. The whims of people are what tyrants are made of. Legislating judges come to mind. I'll take the strictures of a constitution any day.

Surber shows why he makes the big bucks:
"For the past 8 years, all we have heard from the Left is that Dick Cheney is shredding the Constitution and rights are being denied to terrorists who behead newspaper reporters.

But who actually believes in the Constitution?"

Obviously not Obama supporters. Why? Where does this cognitive disconnect come from?

Existential angst.

Great big churning pools of relativism & rebellion. It’s at the heart of liberalism. Yet, ironically, in the liberal mind, only an anointed paternal/maternal figure can properly understand & moderate.

A classic ‘lost boys syndrome’. I feel your pain.

The libs flock to it, and demand ‘the one’, or whomever to fix it all ’cause that’s what mommy did. Only it’s played out in a perverse worship of celebrity cult chic.

Sacrilege if you dare to criticize. And don’t confuse the nutroots with facts.

I think there’s a big disconnect between Barry’s world of Leftist political theory & academic liberalism, and the mean street waltz danced by many of his followers.

Mob rule. That is their constitution. Denver & St. Paul were illustration of the principle.

Contrary opinions or philosophies will not be tolerated. Nutroots shout. Demonstrate. Harass. Assault. Vandalize & steal. Politics of personal destruction is the rule. Reasoned debate is the exception.

But Barry doesn’t get it. He’s expendable to them. Though the libs would never admit it. Not until somebody new comes along with a bigger toy bag. Maddening crowds and adoring fans are fickle that way.

The rule of Law, not men used to be a high ideal proudly taught to school children everywhere. We have a Republic based on such things. Not perfect but the ideal is there to be played out by decent people. We have a Republic - if we can hold onto it, and not let the mean streets trample it under foot.
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