Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Buyer's Remorse

Who wants into the "Biden Under the Bus" Pool? Hey, it could happen. Call it an 'event horizon'.

Surber started it, TAHBYCSIFH picked it up, and I'll pass it along 'cause I'm silly that way. A long shot, but revealing.

The loon toon nutroots probably inspired the pool with their fit over Palin and her teen daughter. Calls of OOPS; McCain should choose another; blah, blah. Typical vacillating nutroot character. Any way the wind blows, so that has to be how others navigate. I think the psychological types call it projection.

You can hear the gnashing nutroot teeth as I write, but Hillary will only gloat. 2012 ain't that far away.

Oct. 2nd is the great Vice Presidential debate in St. Louis. The clock is ticking.

Who wants into the "Biden Under the Bus" Pool?

Place yer bets!

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