Friday, September 26, 2008

Harry Reid Melts Down On Live TV - Video

Shouldn't we be discussing impeachment of congress?

S-L terms it as "one of the most bizarre performances by a politician in the history of the Republic."

It's made even more perverse by Reid's accomplice in malfeasance & pandering, 'Countrywide' Senator Chris Dodd, who continues to play Liar's Poker with your money.

Stomach it all the way through. It get's even more nauseating. These two tools don't even try to hide their knee pads for Obama - and the chosen one's bail out plan.

"..those principles laid out by Senator Obama are the ones that must be implanted with regards to the issue.."

But, wait. There's more! Reid's dissonant, carping theme to "keep presidential politics out of this debate" is made ridiculous by his continual return to Bush bashing for blame - completely ignoring the fact that Dodd is the Senate Banking Committee chairman!

And there never was any 'deal' for McCain to undo!

Impeachment, indeed.
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