Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The true 'Vagina Monologues'

The saga continues:

BMW picks up the trail at US magazine, of all places, to highlight the haus frau, check-out line propaganda championing the Obama/Michelle cute-n-fuzzy meme VS Palin's "BABIES, LIES & SCANDAL" meme on this weeks cover. (photos)

The JR has an interesting 'mole' observation about that cover. Or maybe it's a prescient Freudian slip?? My guess is it's simply gub'mint school product ignorance shining through.

Plus, EM over at HA details why the Left's trashing of a one prominent conservative woman serves to alienate millions of other women in the process. Millions of women who vote. Add to that, violating a teen girl's privacy for politics, and you've got a pack of P.O.'d PUMAS.

"Some integrity remains on the Left, but precious little."

But, wait. There's more! RK over at PM clues us in on 'PDS' - Palin Derangement Syndrome - with symptoms similar to BDS, only coupled with PMS (my bad). Not good for the Dem-Socs. Stop me or I'll acronym again!

And amid all of this noise, the Palin's son is going off to war.

Update: As further proof that there's no sexism or bias in the popular media, MM has the Us Magazine ("BABIES, LIES & SCANDAL") that was never published. I can't imagine why...

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