Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Did CNN just do a fair & balanced look into the Obama/Ayers connection?

As it turns out, yes, as shown on this 7 minute video from Oct. 6th. Watch close. CNN does offer critics to this connection, but also highlights the frequency & content of Obama's continued professional & political association with Ayers.

This look into Obama's dubious connection with this domestic terrorist is not new for CNN. Lou Dobbs interviewed Andrew C. McCarthy back in April of this year. Mr. McCarthy put a fine point on all the unsavory characters which seem to litter Obama's past:

He (Obama) is denying the relationships, but I think, more importantly, what he's trying to obfuscate is that there's a trajectory to all of this & there's a theme that runs through it. And whether it's some of the statements made by his wife, or Rev. Wright, or Bernardine Dohrn & Ayers, he's comfortable with people who hate this country.

I think when he talks about and makes the theme of his campaign 'change', and since he hasn't really explained to us much about the 'change', we're entitled to infer from the people he's comfortable with - who are social revolutionaries - uh, the kind of change he wants to make in America.

So why's it so hard to get any traction on this, but there's no end to the trash talking about Palin?

The 'sweet on obama' media. Of Course.

From "Thrill up my leg", or "Is he the One?" to "Hard to remain objective", the media has been having barry-gasms for nearly two years now.

But you, Joe six pack, can have your say, too! Vote for your fave putrid pundit schlock slogan today.

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