Friday, October 03, 2008

Yum. Bacon.

"Have you seen the bigger piggies, in their starched white shirts?
You will find the bigger piggies stirring up the dirt;
Always have clean shirts to play around in."

House Passes Latest Bailout Bill 263 - 171 & Bush signs into law.
Mr. Bush welcomed the passage of a rescue plan, saying it will help the nation's economy withstand the financial turmoil. The legislation is "essential to helping America's economy weather the financial crisis," said the president, giving a brief statement outside the White House.

Total cost: $850,000,000,000.00. But what's a bunch of zeros between friends?
"The costs of inaction are greater than the costs of this bill," Rep. Zach Wamp, (R., Tenn.) said Friday in announcing he would switch his "no" vote to support the measure.

Still, not everyone was happy. Some conservative Democrats expressed concern that the tax breaks in the Senate-authored bill weren't offset, while their GOP counterparts balked at the dramatic federal intervention in the private markets.

The details of what's in this pork-a-rama were listed down here, but that was before the H.R. got it's snout on it. Lord knows what's entirely slopped into this mess. Did the congress critters favorite RICO companion weasel it's way farther into the Public's wallet, too? Who can tell me?
"How can we have capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down?," Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R., Texas) said during a floor speech in opposition to the legislation.

In the end, 172 Democrats and 91 Republicans voted for the legislation. On Monday, 140 Democrats and 65 Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

And it's an effen LIE that ANY of this money will make it's way back to the tax payers. A LIE! (when's the last time any of these dipsticks gladly passed a tax cut or even ended a tax program without clawing their eyes and yanking out their hair??)

The One is being lauded as the bailout savior. Of course. That's an insult, Barry.

Oh. And did you hear California wants $7,000,000,000.00??
Not that all those illegals swamping state & local services had anything to do with it...

Why is it these dipwads can RAM through hundreds of billions in a matter of hours, but not lift one finger to stop this train wreck from ever happening? Huh?? Now, rumor has it that the money grubbers want even more blood from us turnips!

But, from happier times:

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