Thursday, December 04, 2008

Casualties @ low levels in Iraq and Afghanistan

One casualty is too many, but there's horrific gun violence in America's streets for comparison.

The Iraq war is won. It's remarkable progress considering the blithering defeat-o-crats screaming defeat!, defeat! just one year ago.

Still, Afghanistan needs a surge of its own.

"The US commanders on the ground want 20,000 more troops as a start, one of the few points of agreement between Barack Obama and John McCain on war policy.

This, however, makes it look as though the prospects aren’t quite so bleak. Taliban activity has been blunted, apparently due to the stepped-up efforts of the Pakistani military. American attacks across the border began increasing several months ago, and USA Today quotes a brigade commander who says he’s seen a decline in attacks over that same period. Winter plays a role in this, too, but even in comparion with other winters, that’s a low number for casualties in the war zone."

Also, put the Germans on a diet.


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