Monday, December 15, 2008

"Don't Be Evil" PT 88

Googlag admits manipulating the Hive Mind.

We last exposed Googlag's evil here - NY Times article where Googlag admitted to biased human interference in search results. An editorial process known as 'sandboxing'.

Googlag reaffirms their biased human interference with a twist - community based reality dis-information: Google cranks up the Consensus Engine.

"It wasn't surprising, then, that when five years ago I described how a small, self-selected number of people could rig Google's search results, the reaction from the people doing the rigging was violently antagonistic. Who lifted that rock? they cried.

But what was once Googlewashing by a select few now has Google's active participation."

Don't be evil. Don't use Googlag. Use the anti-googlag:

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