Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's about time

Updated update below.

Kansas City Chiefs GM Carl Peterson Resigns.

"Peterson, president and general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, has resigned. On Monday, team owner and chairman Clark Hunt said the resignation is effective at the end of the season.

Vice president Denny Thum will serve as interim president and general manager.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, Hunt said Peterson's resignation has been discussed for a while."

We know what you mean, Hunt. The fans around these parts have been discussing that plan for over five years now....

Update: NS says Bill Cowher for GM.
"With Cowher's age, it's not hard to imagine him being here for over a decade, which is why I would rather go with him than Marty Schottenheimer. Cowher would immediately return credibility to the Chiefs. However, is Cowher interested in the Chiefs?"

Updated update: Jason Whitlock says adios to King Carl.
"Sunday’s remarkable loss to the San Diego Chargers certainly warranted a strong response from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. But no one could have predicted or expected this, a next-day removal of the man who has ruled the Chiefs for 20 years and ruined them for the last 10."

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