Monday, December 22, 2008

Penn Jillette Believes His Own Bvllsh1t

Penn Jillette. Magician. Illusionist. Of Penn & Teller fame.

Vocal atheist. Obnoxious. Even ripped Mother Theresa after her death.

He's a talented illusionist, but a lousy philosopher (perhaps the two are related (?), but I digress...).

The Anchoress has a post about Jillette's latest youtube screed. She's much too gracious & genteel to rebuke Jillette's condescending babble cloaked in a backhanded compliment, so it's up to moi to call BVLLSH1T!

Says Jillette, “How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible, and not tell them that?”

I've heard this non-believer accusation before. It's a specious argument. More worthy & virulent atheists - such as Bertrand Russell & Adolf Eichmann (on his way to the gallows) - have tried it and failed. Miserably. It's only success is to betray the accuser's stunning ignorance.

The answer to such condescending babble is 'The Body of Christ.'

Like your own body, not every part is designed for every work. IE: the ears cannot do the work of the hands, etc. Likewise, not every mouth can preach, nor every arm carry, etc.

If the Church was fortressed behind monastic walls in cloistered silence for 2,000 years, then I would entertain the non-believers slings & arrows, and grant them their ignorance. But the Church, on whole, is, and has been, faithful to The Great Commission - "Go into all the World and preach the Gospel (if necessary, use words)".

Jesus Christ and His Gospel is the most recognizable manifestation and pronouncement in the history of the entire world.

And either in spite of, or because of that fact, in much of the modern world Christians are the mark of scorn and ridicule for not embracing the Secularist's 'freedom from religion' by keeping Faith out of ____ (fill in the blank). The ACLU works OT to accomplish that goal, yet the bloodlust is still not complete since the libs are currently livid at Obama's choice of inaugural pastor Rick Warren. (I've my own objections to convoluted Warren, but that's another post)

The Good News is not top secret, and it's turned the world up side down: England's abolitionist William Wilberforce; India's compassionate, Christ-like Mother Theresa; Global Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson; et al. There's a church on nearly every corner in the U.S. of A. and world wide Christian radio broadcasts for those who have ears to hear.

I wonder when the last time Mr. Jillette went to a Billy Graham Crusade?

Jillette is a disingenuous soul. He needs to leave philosophy to the professionals, and best stick to what he's good at on stage - steal; ditch; simulation; and misdirection.

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