Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Border Guards Ramos and Compean Are Free.

Yes. I know all the sorted, fog-of-border-protection details of this case.

I still say Hallelujah!!

And I say that especially loud in light of the absolutely stupid, utterly backassward, brainless, bleeding heart, frustratingly idiotic, counter-productive, seditious, self-loathing, anti-American moonbat decision of an Arizona jury to award trespassing illegal aliens $77,804 in damages against an Arizona rancher who caught the illegals trespassing on his land!!

They suffered emotional distress.

Then stay the &^%$# off the man's land!!


I shouldn't be all that surprised, though, at this open borders, bleeding heart, crap our own pants nonsense. Our newly elected fearless leader thinks that ICE agents are 'terrorists'.

You're right, fearless leader. The system isn't working & we need to change it.

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