Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not All Holocaust Deniers Are Treated The Same

Google search: "Ahmadinejad+holocaust+denier" returned 52 results.

Google search: "pope+holocaust+denier" returned 3,437 results.

Pope Benedict rightly slaps down hate-spewing anti-Semitic bishop.
(hate spewing!)

Tehran wants U.S. to admit 'its mistakes'.
(Iran's president, Herr Ahmadinejad, seeks to promote yet another Holocaust Denial Conference.) No mention of 'hate spewing', though.

So will Obama apologize? Well, based upon his 'weak horse' posturing to the islamists during his first 3 weeks in office, KP over at WB surmises a pattern that screams "Yes, he will!"

God save the Republic.

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