Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Data Shows No Man-Made Global Warming

"The data was presented at a conference of scientists who gathered the other week in NY to show why global climate is not driven by CO2 - man made or otherwise (see here for documents - H/T Powerline). First is a chart showing that not only were there warmer periods than the current global climate levels since the last major ice age, the majority of that time since the ice age (12,000 years) was warmer than today:"

This will be most disturbing to the Church of Global Warming Faithful since they show little interest in facts, figures or context. Their chief priest, Al Gore, will probably raise the loudest indignation because he gains no money from real science.

Update: The Maldives, a strand of coral atolls south of India where no spot is more than 6 ft. above sea level, are doing just fine, thank you.

Updated update: Bitterly cold global warming storm blasts Northern Plains, dumping 2 ft. of snow, closing highways, and stranding motorists; Nat'l Guard dispatched.

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