Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness: Obama's Final 4 Picks revealed

“I appreciate that President Obama has completed his ‘March Madness’ Tournament Bracket,” (Sen. John) Cornyn(R) said. “Yet the organizational chart of his administration still has far too many open slots.” (video)


A quick review, class: Again, how did we get here? What were the warning signs? Who raised those warnings, and who disputed them?

But, wait. There's more! This oldie, but goodie, of the obtuse class warfare re-distributionists, in their own words, as they insisted there were no problems with fannie & freddie while the malignant toxic assets took your & my investments down the toilet. (Note the big (D) at the end of all their names)

Thanks for nothing, Congress! Let the criminal investigations and impeachment hearings begin!!

Reps. Frank & Waters will be first, followed by Sen. Dodd.

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