Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is Your Daughter at the Beach on Spring Break?

Boortz has a fairly tame (nsfw) video of what she might be up to. And that's just the activity caught on tape. Aren't you proud?

Hey. They're adults. It's their time, so partayondoodndoodettes!

But instead of feverish indulgence in self-absorbed hedonism, these young folks could avoid the pounding hangovers; the life-long medical maintenance of nasty genital herpes; and the expensive political costs of demanding their gub'mint pay for future slutette HPV vaccinations by getting a clue as to how better spend their youthful time:

Spring breakers flock to Anderson County to help Habitat for Humanity.

Answering call to do work of the carpenter.

Catholic youth serve during their spring break.

And all without a tax payer supported, multi-billion dollar, obamacornucopia gub'mint programs.

You're welcome.

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