Monday, April 06, 2009

A Rabidly Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Sect'y

Bleeding Kansas: Late term abortions. A $650 million 2010 budget deficit.

Those aren't the only mismanaged legacies Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius(D) will leave behind for D.C.'s greener political pandering pastures.

Kansas Legislator Tim Huelskamp says her almost assured Senate confirmation as Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services next week is a mistake.

"HHS Secretary is one of the few positions in a presidential administration where one’s position on abortion can have a dramatic impact, and Sebelius is likely to enact policies that would make it easier to obtain an abortion for any reason -- and make taxpayers pay for it. For this reason, pro-life leaders are rightly concerned about Sebelius’ imminent confirmation...

I'm not alone in finding her extreme positions disqualifying. She's also hearing about it from the Catholic Church. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has informed Governor Sebelius she "should stop receiving Communion until she publicly repudiates her support of abortion and makes a 'worthy sacramental confession.'" Sebelius, of course, claims to be "personally pro-life," but that is essentially the same intellectually dishonest position taken by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden."

Sebelius' other mismanaged legacies include aggressive action to repel industry & tax revenue from Kansas in favor of demagogued pseudo-science with her repeated vetoes of two proposed 700-megawatt coal-burning power plants. Yet, she and her husband are invested in coal for personal financial gain?

Perhaps that hypocrisy slipped her notice when her seditious political posturing against the hated Boooshitler, at the expense of the poor folks in Greensburg, Kan. after a devastating F-5 tornado leveled their entire town in May, 2007, was at its frothiest.

Or maybe it was her race baiting bigotry on the campaign trail last year for her future boss. Hope n change, ya know.

Character matters, and this woman has proved that she has precious little. Not that her future boss seems to mind. Like most Obama cabinet appointees, she has not paid all her taxes - until caught.

Add 'unpatriotic' on top of it all.

How sad.

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