Monday, November 02, 2009

The Good Wife

John Hanlon over at Big Hollywood likes this new CBS drama and is impressed with the show's novel (and timely) subject matter:

"The show explores the life of a wronged political spouse who returns to the workforce after her cheating husband is sent to prison. The show’s plot invited inevitable comparisons to many contemporary political spouses who have felt the glare of standing by their cheating partners in the media spotlight."

Hanlon notes that the show "can be political but it is not ideological, at least thus far, a quality that I admire about the program."

I've never seen the show and probably won't, either, but my advice to Mr. Hanlon is to enjoy that quality while he can. I don't watch too much television, anymore. Too many pandering pundits of agitprop inhabit the slimy cubicles of the entertainment industry, and it shows in their work. It's axiomatic and particularly acute when political issues are probed.

For example, "Boston Legal" started out slick, witty and wild with a fair balance of court room drama and office snark. Then it took a hard left turn into the one dimensional world of Bush Derangement Syndrome and never recovered. No amount of Scotch made it palatable.

I predict "The Good Wife" will follow the same course: a very good first year, then HARD LEFT down a one dimensional street, smack into the nanny state wall.

Like an addict, Lefties just can't help themselves.

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