Thursday, November 05, 2009

Name That Party!

Just a hunch, but I don't think this guy is a Republican. From a chagrined SF Chronicle:

"Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and his wife failed to pay more than $239,000 in taxes over a three-year period and have had a lien slapped on their property by the Internal Revenue Service, public records show."

The Chronicle went on to add that
"The Alameda County lien says the couple failed to pay $124,198 in federal income taxes in 2005, $66,554 in 2006 and $48,246 in 2007, the year Dellums took office as mayor.

The tax lien was imposed on all the couple's personal property, meaning they cannot pocket proceeds from any transactions without first paying off the IRS."

Gee. Imagine that. A 682 word story with 22 paragraphs and not a single mention of this mayor's political affiliation - save for an oblique reference in the next to the last paragraph about the mayor being "a stalwart of progressive ideals."

But the SFC is not alone. The mayor's tax problems were first reported Monday by the East Bay Express, which never mentioned his party affiliation, either.

However, Wikipedia list Mr. Dellums as the first openly socialist congressman (1971-1998) since WW2, and he is currently a registered Democrat (snicker, snicker).

Ever wonder why these "stalwarts of progressive ideals" - like the ones Pres. Obama tries to pack into his inner circle - have such a hard time paying their fair share, but no problems spending other people's money?

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