Friday, November 20, 2009

Spirit Lake Sioux Sue North Dakota to Keep Fighting Sioux Name @ UND

(And they say English is a difficult language.)

"North Dakota's top prosecutor said the state will seek to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Spirit Lake Sioux tribal members who want the University of North Dakota to keep its Fighting Sioux nickname.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem met with state Board of Higher Education members behind closed doors Thursday to update them on the state's response, which is expected to be filed by next week. A judge has barred the board from taking any action on the nickname issue until after a Dec. 9 hearing.

Stenehjem said the tribal members will have a hard time with that order, issued last week by Northeast District Judge Michael Sturdevant.

"They have to be able to show the judge they're going to win the lawsuit," he said. "I think that's a difficult standard."

The board has said it will retire the nickname unless the state's Sioux tribes sign 30-year agreements to support it. The board originally set an Oct. 1 deadline, but extended it to Nov. 30 because of tribal elections on the Standing Rock reservation.

Pat Morley, an attorney for the tribal members, said the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Sioux tribes should have until Nov. 30, 2010, to decide whether to support the nickname and logo."

North Dakota Board of Higher Education.

Obviously, these pointed headed academics hate Red people. Racism, plain and si...

Oops. Wrong race pimpin' wilderness. The Jesse Jackson Black Man outrage was yesterday's headline.

Unfortunately, the P.C. sword cuts both ways, and the North Dakota AJ is correct: "The board has the right to make decisions concerning operation of state universities."

In this age of lawyers, unless ALL the N.D. Sioux tribes give name-use permission to the University, and cut-off any war party of parasites, er, I mean lawyers, seeking to sue the pants off the university (for being so very un-P.C.), the local Spirit Lake Sioux tribe will likely lose this lawsuit to keep the "Fighting Sioux" at the University of North Dakota.


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