Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green Hypocrisy: Prince Charles' HUGE Carbon Footprint Private Jet Takes Him to Copenhagen

"PRINCE Charles used up seven months’ worth of the average British person’s “carbon footprint” yesterday flying to Copenhagen on an executive jet to make a speech on climate change.

...Charles, who made an impassioned speech to world leaders on the need to agree drastic cuts in carbon emissions, decided against taking a more environmentally-friendly train or scheduled airliner, arguing it was impractical."

OH. Well... special dispensation for a special person. That's different! Us peasants obviously must trim our oil lamps and make do with only one lump of coal.
"The Prince, who will offset the pollution he caused by using taxpayers’ money to invest in environmentally-friendly initiatives, generates an annual carbon footprint of 2,601 tons, compared to 11 tons for an average UK citizen. He was one of numerous VIPs at the £130million summit, which will generate 40,500 tons of carbon dioxide over 12 days, the equivalent to the emissions of York, Portsmouth or the African country of Malawi in the same period."

What a pathetic farce. And us peasants are supposed to kiss their arse and pay their way.

Krykee. Copenhagen's whores have more scruples than these jet setting, Gaia worshiping, frog lickers.


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