Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How Soon Before the Obama Administration Implodes?

Even those faithful stenographers at the AP, with their "I (heart) Obama" kneepads, are starting to call Obama's bvllsh1t bvllsh1t.

Ace sums it brilliantly:

"1. Obama has some budgetary magic beans. These can be spent multiple times, in multiple fashions. First, to pay down the deficit, then, to increase spending.

2. He also has some health-care magic beans. Once again, these beans can be used to increase spending on health care, and also magically reduce spending on health care.

3. "Some say" there is no such thing as magic beans and such people present to us the "false choice" of choosing between real beans and no beans at all.

4. There is some political partisanship afoot, and to reduce that political partisanship, Obama will blame his political opponents for the partisanship and not, say, his attempt to ram unpopular programs down the nation's throats, even at 55%+ levels of opposition.

5. Blame Bush."

Place yer bets.

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