Sunday, December 06, 2009

Monkeys Typing Shakespeare Not All That Probable

Why? They're monkeys!

From the BBC:

"If you sit monkeys at a computer, will they type the works of the Bard? No, they will partially destroy the machine, use it as a lavatory and mostly type the letter "s". It took university researchers one month and £2,000 of Arts Council England money to find this out."

The problem I've always had with this thought experiment is the imposition of anthropomorphic characteristics. The ignorant primate randomness is understood, but to assume motivation for completion of the task from these poop flingers is the real head scratcher.

I meant the monkeys, not the researchers.

Of course, the Darwinists love these "infinite" non-sequiturs because it lends a false probability to the one thing the purposeless, material randomness of biological evolution can't explain: information - like DNA, which implies intelligence.

Fortunately, and predictably, one thing monkeys don't pursue is 'frivolous' academic research.

Why? They're monkeys!

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