Thursday, April 22, 2010

If You Tell the Truth, I'll Sue!

Parodies be damned.

Mann-made glow bull warming turns Mann-made legal threats.

"Washington, DC — Penn State University’s Michael Mann, one of the central figures in the Climategate scandal, has threatened legal action against Minnesotans for Global Warming (M4GW) over the group’s popular satirical YouTube video “Hide the Decline.”"
Part 1 was taken down by the owners because, as M4GW’s Elmer Beauregard says, "Right now, the last thing I need is a lawsuit. I can barely afford my electric bill."

But YouTube has forcibly removed "Hide the Decline, part 2!

Because, you know, law suits and silencing your opponents is real science. Unlike 30,000 years of ice core samples.
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