Monday, March 21, 2011

Bush's War Against Brutal Dictator: BAD; Obama's War Against Brutal Dictator: Righteous

From Verum Serum:
"Ah, but the President has a clear rationale in the case with Libya – right? Sure he does. A rationale that boils downs to the fact that Gadhafi is a brutal, ruthless dictator who is threatening to butcher his own people. (People, it might be noted, who have taken up arms in an attempt to butcher him.)
And like with Saddam, Gadhafi poses no imminent threat to the United States or to his neighbors. And also like Iraq, critics have noted that we are now faced with a military engagement of undetermined length, cost, and consequences.
The key difference in this case, is that these critics do not include Barack H. Obama."
 Apparently, the shortest route from 2002 to 2011 is through a Liberal's mind.

But an obese, multi-millionaire, neo-marxist propagandist doesn't appreciate the scenery. 
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