Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Did You Hear the One Where NPR Loses its Tax Payer Subsidies?

OK. Maybe I'm day dreaming.

But last time NPR stuck it's proverbial foot in its mouth, it landed square up NPR's own proverbial butt. And I asked "Why Does NPR Hate Black People?"

With the recent revealing hidden camera videos of NPR big wigs all over the net, many are asking why does NPR hate conservatives, and real science? Or is it fair to ask haters why they hate?

Either way, some NPR big wigs are now unemployed. Boortz has a big link lineup from around the inter-tubes to explain the hoopla.

Update: Another one gets kicked under the bus. NPR board ousts CEO Vivian Schiller in wake of video sting

And the haters are now clawing their eyes, pulling their hair, and gnawing their tongues over those "mean ol' tea baggers" being so mean as to actually expose NPR's Lib bias and hypocrisy.
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