Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida House OKs bill Ending Union Dues Pay Deductions

With the usual democrat lackeys blathering on about 'union busting and class warfare.'

From an anxious AP:
"In a blow to public employee unions, the Republican-controlled Florida House passed a bill Friday that would ban payroll deductions of dues and require labor organizations to get individual members' OK before using their payments for political purposes.

The Florida legislation, which still needs Senate approval, is part of a Republican push in several states to curtail the power of public-sector unions that generally support Democratic candidates. The efforts follow GOP election gains in November."
A "blow to public unions?" "Curtail the power of public unions??" Yes. It's such a tragedy when one cannot require other people to pay for funneling money into your bank account. It's almost barbaric.

The entitlement whining continues from the democrat lackeys who directly benefit from the campaign donations of these public sector unionists:
"Democrats responded that the legislation is about union-busting, class warfare and winning elections. "What's the real reason for this bill?" asked House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders of Key West. "Two words: political payback."

Union leaders pointed out that even the House staff analysis says the bill likely would make it more difficult for unions to collect dues for political and other purposes.

"The lawmakers who voted for this bill have signaled their desire to use the power of government to single out and attack the hard-working men and women who serve Florida in public employment," said Andy Ford, president of the Florida Education Association, the statewide teachers union. "It's simply un-American."
Ya'll hear dat? Un-American! How dare those mean ol' Republicans make us do our own collections and book keeping!  We had a sweet scam going on, and those mean ol' Republicans didn't wanna stay hood winked. Dag nabbit!

But, wait. There's more BHD; as in piled higher and deeper:
"Rich Templin, legislative and political director of the Florida AFL-CIO, said unions are unfairly being singled out because the legislation doesn't affect payroll deductions for about 300 other entities such as charities and insurance companies. Some of these groups make political contributions that dwarf those of organized labor, he said."
What Mr. Rich 'cognitive dissonance' Templin doesn't explain about his convoluted conglomeration of 'charities, insurance, and union dues' is that charities and insurance companies do not directly negotiate terms of employment contracts with the government for the benefit of union members, and these charities and insurance companies payments are not required by law to be deducted from the paychecks of public union employees.

It's a distinction with a huge difference, sparky.

In the final analysis, I think the real complaint is these unionists will have to actually do some work in order to receive their money.
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