Monday, March 28, 2011

‘In God We Trust’ to be Posted on County Buildings in Missouri

From the Joplin Globe:
"No details have been decided on the where, how and how much. But the Jasper County Commission’s agreement makes it at least the fourth government entity in Southwest Missouri to approve Dee Wampler’s request. The attorney and author of the book, “One Nation Under God,” is working in tandem with a grass-roots national movement, started in California, that is asking elected officials to display the motto in government buildings.

 In a letter to the commission, Wampler said the motto has been posted in about 200 public buildings so far and in Missouri, most recently in Branson, Marshfield and Buffalo."
Earlier this month, SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal of atheist Michael Newdow challenging government's use of the national motto "In God We Trust."
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