Friday, March 11, 2011

Sen. McCaskill(D-MO) Billed, Repaid Taxpayers for Flights on Private Plane

From Ben Smith at Politico:
"McCaskill spokeswoman Maria Speiser conceded that the bill was inappropriate, and had no immediate explanation for how it had come to be submitted as an official expense.

"It appears that a mistake may have been made here," Speiser said. "Fortunately those payments have already been returned."

McCaskill "feels embarrassed by the situation, but ultimately is glad that it’s already been fixed," Speiser said, referring to the fact that McCaskill had reimbursed the treasury for the entire group of flights earlier this week."
"Feels embarrassed." But, apparently, not embarrassed enough to repay the $76,000 billed to the tax payers since 2007 until this story became public.

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