Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Neo-Bolsheviks Issue More Death Threats, Intimidation

This time in La Crosse, on the west side of the state.

From WTAQ:
"Wisconsin Senate Republican Dan Kapanke has called off public meetings in his La Crosse area district, after his property was vandalized and had death threats....

 Kapanke is one of the 8 Republican senators targeted for recall, for his vote in favor of the bill that virtually ends collective bargaining for most public employee unions.

The state Justice Department is investigating e-mail threats against Governor Scott Walker and the 8 targeted senators. One message said in part, “If you and your goonies feel that it’s necessary to strip the rights of 300,000 people and ruin their lives, we will get rid of the eight of you.”
The Blog Father offers a sensible solution to these vile, hate mongering Neo-Bolsheviks: "If it were me, I’d respond by introducing a bill abolishing public education entirely and replacing it with vouchers. Why fund a violent, entitled class at taxpayers’ expense?"

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