Sunday, April 03, 2011

Protests Over Koran Burning Kills 21, Scores more Wounded by Gun Fire

At least seven United Nations staff were murdered - two by beheading.

From the NY Times:
"Nine people were killed and 81 wounded in the disturbances, all from bullet wounds, said Abdul Qayoum Pakhla, head of the provincial health department. Kandahar has long been the heartland of the Taliban insurgency but has been relatively quiet in recent months since a surge of additional American troops arrived here.

The protests here came a day after a mob overran the headquarters of the United Nations in Mazar-i-Sharif, killing 12 people, 7 of them international staff members. The top United Nations official in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, blamed Taliban infiltrators for the killings, saying the victims were deliberately murdered rather than killed by an out-of-control mob. The mob gathered after three mullahs at Friday Prayer urged action in response to the Koran burning by a pastor, Terry Jones, in Florida on March 20.

In Kandahar, several thousand young men, shouting slogans calling for death to Americans and to the government of President Hamid Karzai, were still rioting after several hours on Saturday, setting tires on fire throughout the city, burning cars and attacking journalists trying to cover the disorder. Shops and businesses were closed, and most people stayed off the street. Many of the protesters were waving the white flag of the Taliban.

The police said that some of the protesters were armed, and Afghan authorities used live ammunition on occasion to quell the disturbances, which continued all day. Of the 16 arrested, 7 were armed, officials said."
The religion of perpetual outrage strikes again.

And not because this nut ball pastor in Florida is an angry attention whore, no better than those Westboro nutjobs, or religious bigots like Bill Maher, or hate mongering 'artists' who immerse a crucifix in urine. No, killers kill because they are killers, devoted to some misguided ideology of hate and violence.

Apparently, any excuse will do.

I wonder if Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), or useful idiots like CAIR, will be as vociferous in their denouncement of this murderous violence as they are of  Rep. Peter King's (R-N.Y.) timely hearings on the threat of the radicalization of American Muslims?

Rhetorical question.
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