Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Study Ranks Missouri Fifth Out of 50 States in Per­sonal Free­dom

Kansas ranked 17.

Thankfully, the study didn't score Obama's 57 states.

From the KC Metro News Monitor:

"The Mer­ca­tus Cen­ter at George Mason Uni­ver­sity mea­sured free­dom using an individual-rights frame­work, rank­ing New Hamp­shire num­ber one.

Round­ing out the top five, South Dakota placed sec­ond, fol­lowed by Indi­ana, Idaho and Mis­souri.

Gov­ern­ment spend­ing is rel­a­tively low in Mis­souri, the study finds, not­ing non­fuel, non­sev­er­ance taxes are 8.8 per­cent of per­sonal income. However, mar­i­juana sen­tenc­ing is “extremely harsh,” the authors write."
Like that's problem?

This interactive map shows the obvious: the bluest of deep blue states rank the least free.

As a result, denizens of those states are exiting en masse to states with fewer regulations, less taxes and more jobs.

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