Friday, July 08, 2011

Why 178 Public Educators in Atlanta Should be in Prison

From KM at HA:
"The majority of the nation doesn’t know that investigators have turned up a hatched-scheme in which Union bosses coordinated efforts with public education officials. Further that 44 of 56 school districts in the Atlanta Public Schools system strategically convinced Superintendents, Principals and teachers to cheat–primarily by going back and erasing answers on tests and replacing them with correct ones–in order to have a higher means score for the No Child Left Behind funding qualifications.

The evidence is overwhelming..."
KM surmises there's enough evidence to charge these colluding union stooges under RICO statutes. It sure sounds like organized crime to me.

Update: KS at PM asks, "Why the Shock Over Atlanta Teacher Cheating?"

"There should be little surprise over the unintended consequences of bad education policy."
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