Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 Deceptive Comic Book Ads

(This is a re-post which I thought appropriate during the current political debate season.)

Years ago, when there were afternoon movie matinees, only three 'alphabet' networks, and AM radio was king, comic books were tailor made for a kid's imagination - and a parent's disdain.

(An industrious parent's hope was their child's pursuits would lean more towards Beethoven, Carver, Emerson, Einstein, Salk, or von Braun.)

Nowadays, hollyweird mints millionaires out of the comic book genre. How's that for a cultural barometer?

And usually in the back of that plepeian pulp from yesteryear were those wildly ridiculous ads enticing every kid to pester his parents for a dollar or two or ten, and a stamp.

From Oobjet dot com:
"Comic book ads are the nadir of capitalism, where the ability to blatantly deceive through advertising is exacerbated by the fact the audience is young children. Here are some classics."
Obviously, the guys at Oobject dot com take themselves wa-ay too seriously, but manage to post a pretty good potpourri of Americana, anyways.

Of course, in the new nanny state millennium, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would deem parents too inadequate to monitor such stupidity, and have his boot on the neck of the suits at DC or Marvel for such childish enticements.

Although, Mr. Holder will vigorously defend your child's 'right' to access pr0n at the public library.

Yet another depressing cultural barometer...

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