Friday, October 14, 2011

The Roberts Electric Car gets 40 Miles per Charge

It's inventor, Charles Roberts, built the vehicle in Chicago in 1896. The two shown here are the few still road worthy examples of the machine.
"Driven by a tiller instead of a wheel, the Roberts car was built seven years before the Wright brothers’ first flight, 12 years before the Ford Model T, 16 years before Chevrolet...."
Welcome to the future.

One hundred and fifteen years later, and hundreds of billions of dollars in tax payer provided government subsidies to political cronies for pay offs and the modern electric car (like the Chevy Volt) still gets....  40 miles per charge.

That's a text book definition of 'progressive.'

So, even though electric automobiles appeared on the roads long before well known name brand gasoline vehicles, the Electrics were relegated to the dustbin. Why? Customers preferred the power, convenience and long distances gasoline engines provided in a world where leg and animal power once was the norm.

 And not too long ago, children, in a land nearby, people weren't burdened with a nanny state gub'mint determining winners and losers in the market place of ideas. These people were called 'customers' and those businesses which provided quality goods and excellent service prospered and those businesses that did not went extinct. No gub'mint waste or fraud was required!

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