Friday, April 13, 2012

Frothing Friday

 Ain't you glad this week is over?

Lilly Ledbetter for thee, but not me: Obama W.H. Pays Women Staffers 18% Less than Men.

The 1% for me, but not for thee: Obama Raises Nearly $1 Million in DC, at $40,000/plate.

Diversity for thee, but not me: Top Ten Things Almost As White As Obama's Campaign HQ Staff.

The lap dog resembles his master: The indelible whiteness of MSNBC (the right Rev. Al (brawley) Sharpton excluded)

But Why Does NPR Hate Black People?

And Why Does Obama Hate Paul Ryan??

Cornell University: Obama’s inequality argument just utterly collapsed.

Fox, meet hen house?: Justice Department Probing Widespread Stimulus Fraud.

Hide the grandkids:  America's Debt Is Greater than the Entire Eurozone!

It's a fair question from John Stossel: Can Government Do Anything Well?

General Motors says it's not related to the Chevy Volt: GM Lithium Battery Lab Explodes, 2 injured.

Maybe. The first time that lab blowed up, Sir, was in the mid-60's when a compressed hydrogen fuel cell exploded!

Driscoll: The Age of the Avant-Garde.

As if it ain't tough enough to get that 2nd date: Women Able to Orgasm after Strenuous Gym Workout 

Henry Hudson, call yer office: Arctic Ice at Record Levels.
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