Saturday, April 07, 2012

Science? History? Nope. Outrageous College Tuition Pays for "diversity and inclusion"

Is there a correlation between grade inflation and tuition inflation? Just asking.

The cost of college tuition has increased over 2 1/2 times the rate of inflation since the late-80's! Some pundits point the finger at a massive surge of easy money pumped into universities via federal Stafford loans. Graduates are then responsible for that student loan. And in this stagnant economic climate of Obama-nomics, a beguiled graduate saddled with a silly BA in 'transgendered Hispanic poetry' or a worthless BS in 'urban environmental justice' may find it extremely difficult obtain decent employment in order to pay back that loan obligation (nope. bankruptcy is not an option).

So, how does this insular academic farce come to fruition? Michael Barone at the Washington Examiner explains:
"But many university administrators have other priorities. The University of California system has been raising tuitions and cutting departments. But, reports John Leo in the invaluable Minding the Campus blog, its San Diego campus found the money to create a new post of "vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion."

That's in addition to what the Manhattan Institute's Heather Mac Donald calls its "already massive diversity apparatus." It takes Mac Donald 103 words just to list the titles of UCSD's diversitycrats.

The money for the new vice chancellorship could have supported two of the three cancer researchers that the campus lost to Rice University in Houston, a private school that apparently takes the strange view that hard science is more important than diversity facilitators.

This doesn't just happen on the Left Coast. The University of North Carolina at Wilmington saved some money by lumping together two science departments and raised spending on its five diversity-multicultural offices.

But, to quote George W. Bush, is our students learning? Not very much, concludes the California Association of Scholars in its 87-page study of the University of California system."
In short, these students are forced to pay for the privilege of prostrating themselves before the left turn only, demi-gods of Relativism and PC, but graduate these alters of indoctrination only slightly more possessed with practical 21st knowledge than the average fence post.

Maybe Rick Santorum's aim was true, after all.

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