Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Night Hoop-la

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (salsa version)

Probably the only Grammy award winning 'Best New Band' (2005) that still has a presence on MySpace, but don't hold that against 'em.

"A mix of polished pop/rock and neo-soul made Maroon 5 one of the most popular bands of the 2000s, with songs like "This Love," "She Will Be Loved," and "Makes Me Wonder" all topping the charts worldwide...

(The album) 'Songs About Jane' propelled the band into the mainstream, but the album was not an immediate hit. Octone Records had signed the newly christened Maroon 5 in 2001, and the debut album Jane received a lukewarm response upon its release in June 2002...

'Songs About Jane' finally entered the Billboard Top Ten in August 2004, more than two years after the album's release, and follow-up singles like "She Will Be Loved" and "Sunday Morning" helped the album move over 2.7 million copies by year's end. 2012, the band released its fourth studio album, 'Overexposed.' Featuring production from a bevy of name producers including Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Benny Blanco (et al). The album included the lede-off single "Payphone."
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