Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fast & Furious is Watergate with 300 Murdered People (VIDEO)

 Bill Whittle at AfterBurner let's loose like an A-10 rotary cannon on the perverse F & F ideology and vile media sycophants refusing to investigate the murderous corruption rampant in Obama's justice department.
"(Holder and the Justice Dept.) pumped thousands of deadly weapons into the hands of the most violent, horrific murderers on the face of the planet. And this ideological decision cost the lives of 300 Mexican people confirmed dead as a result of this ideological horror. Not to mention this American hero, former Marine and border patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed using weapons supplied to his murderers by Eric Holder, most likely under the direction of Barack Obama.

"And to those Liberals who say this is a tempest in tea pot; it's just 'gotcha' politics; it's just political posturing; or simple racism - let me just say this: we know who the real racists are here. You don't give a damn about these dead people because they're only Mexicans to you. They're certainly not worth politically hurting your messiah over.
If these had been 300 graphic designers in San Fransisco and a university president, instead of friendless peasants and a law enforcement officer, you would've drag a Republican president out of the White House with torches and pitch forks - and you would've been right to so! And if you find that kind of racist allegation offensive, well, welcome to our world.
Just follow the ideology. It makes perfect sense... Have you no shame??!"

Ed Morrissey at HotAir says the White House can run, but not hide behind executive privilege. It simply won't hold up in court. Fast & Furious is Watergate with 300 murdered people, and it will be the undoing of this profligate and corrupt administration. Someone is going to prison.
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