Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy’s Death Toll at 43; Obama Plays Golf; Media Yawns

Katrina On The Hudson: “Imagine the howls if Bush played golf during the post-Katrina cleanup.”

Plus Modern Mad Max Capitalism for survival (link below).

From Yesterday's NY Post:
"Cops found the body of David Maxwell in his Staten Island home on Friday after it lay undiscovered for 11 days — with his neighbors thinking he had fled before the storm.

The 66-year-old lived alone with his cat — which also died — in the modest yellow, two-family house on Mapleton Avenue in Midland Beach. The home now stands in a flooded wasteland of trash, ruined furniture, mold and mildew."
The Staten Island death trap:
"Mr. Contrubis was one of eight people who drowned during Hurricane Sandy in Midland Beach, a small, low-slung neighborhood of one-story bungalows and newer two- and three-story houses. The eight lived within about eight short blocks of one another — apparently the highest concentration of deaths in the United States attributable to the storm,..."
 Long Island now 2 weeks without power.  Anybody seen the President?

Hundreds take to streets to protest Long Island Power Authority. 'We are living like animals!'

Two weeks and no electricity: Brooklyn citizens feel abandoned after Hurricane Sandy. But where is the President?!

Once again: “Imagine the howls if Bush played golf during the post-Katrina cleanup.”

Obviously, Barack Obama doesn't care about New Yorkers. It's the only explanation. Right, Kanye? Or is all this not racial enough for you to get involved?

Of course, for the dark humorless, I'm being facetious. It's ridiculous to launch into spittle flecked tirades and adolescent hand-wringing to demand the potus be on the ground to micro-manage first responders and disaster clean-up over far flung expanses of the country suffering natural devastation.

Unless, of course you're a Bush deranged Liberal...

Modern Mad Max Capitalism - not dependence on gub'mint - is the morally correct solution for preparedness and survival.

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