Monday, November 19, 2012

More Thoughts on Early Voting

Many post-election postmortems have referenced the Obama campaign's superior ground game, which utilized everything from social media to myopic lap dog media, to turnout the 'obama phone' early voter in greater numbers - particularly in battle ground states, and specifically in urban areas.

To be blunt, the Romney campaign never knew what hit 'em in terms of the year long, vile smears perpetrated by Obama's sycophant surrogates for the benefit of  his 'kill romney' meme as a key ingredient in the carefully crafted tactic of early voting.


I must admit, ‘early voting’ does have a benefit - namely voter convenience -, yet ‘early’ presupposes a frame of reference - namely a specified election ‘day.’

I think 30 states already have enacted early voting, which is actually a 4-6 week voting season. These states also maintain an election ‘day.’  But why? If citizens can conveniently cast their ballot anytime during a 4-6 week voting season, what 's the point to funding and manning the polls on election ‘day?’

'Missourians deserve benefits of early voting.'

That's the title of an editorial published in the KC Star last week. It's the usual comparison of voters as children, deserving a life of ease on Big Rock Candy Mountain provided by those nice democrats VS churlish republicans who seek to ensnare those same voters with responsibilities of homework and chores and voter ID. You know, bad stuff:
"Republicans see early voting as a hostage card they can use to muster support for a photo ID law. They won’t do one without the other. It’s not an even trade, however. Advance voting is an important convenience, while photo ID requirements are deliberate attempts at suppressing votes under the guise of protecting against almost non-existent voter fraud. Democrats are wise to keep pushing for early voting as a stand-alone reform."
See? Almost non-existent voter fraud:

* In 1986, Twelve ACORN workers convicted of fraudulent voter registration in Missouri.
* Six St. Louis volunteers for ACORN plead guilty to registration fraud in 2004.
* 2006: ACORN workers admit on tape to soliciting votes for McCaskill’s for U.S. Senate campaign.

* Also in 2006, St Louis City election officials discover more than 1,500 fraudulent voter registration cards turned in by ACORN workers. The FBI launched an investigation into ACORN voter registration fraud. As a result, 4 ACORN workers plead guilty to submitting 1,000 fraudulent voter registration cards in the Kansas City area.

 * 2007: ACORN settled the largest case of voter fraud in the history of Washington State.

* April, 2008: Eight MORE employees of ACORN plead guilty to election fraud in federal court.

* In 2008, ACORN received $832,000 from the Obama presidential campaign.

* ACORN employees caught on tape helping set up the brothel for underage illegal alien sex slaves. 
* ACORN owes MILLIONS in back taxes.

* "When does this become organized crime?"

* A 2008 FBI investigation confirmed fraudulent ACORN voter registrations resulted in illegal votes in New Mexico.
* In Minnesota, 341 felons illegally voted in the 2008 general election.
* Thousands of fraudulent ACORN registrations in Philly.
* Congress de-funded ACORN and all ACORN-affiliated groups in 2009.

* Colorado Secretary of State Finds 5,000 Non-citizens Voted in Colorado in 2010.
* Fifty Somalia citizens - who didn't speak English - illegally voted in the Missouri 40th District's democrat primary in 2010.
* 2011:  18,500 Dead People on Ohio Voter rolls.
* Oct., 2012: Democrat Congressmen Jim Moran’s son, Patrick Moran (his father’s field director) discussing how to commit voter fraud, including forging utility bills.

Well. That settles it. The geniuses on the KC Star's editorial board confirm that voter fraud is almost non-existent. Nothing to see. Move along, citizens.

But let a solitary woman demand tax payer subsidized contraceptives or one wooden head politician say something stoopid about abortion - then BY GAWD - it's a war on women; a national crisis that has to be addressed by the president and investigated by Congress!!

Just be sure to present photo ID or you won't be allowed entry into the Capital Building.

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