Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abolish Social Studies in Public Schools

"Born a century ago, the pseudo-discipline has outlived its uselessness."
'Social Studies' is a collectivist ideology designed to inculcate school children with the 'truth' of group harmony as superior to individual excellence; the lowest common denominator is ideal, with all things being relative. A kind of 'multi-culturalism 101,' in infancy.

From Michael Beran at City Journal:
"Why promote the socialization of children at the expense of their individual development? A product of the Progressive era, social studies ripened in the faith that regimes guided by collectivist social policies could dispense with the competitive striving of individuals and create, as educator George S. Counts wrote, “the most majestic civilization ever fashioned by any people.” Social studies was to mold the properly socialized citizens of this grand future. The dream of a world regenerated through social planning faded long ago, but social studies persists, depriving children of a cultural rite of passage that awakened what Coleridge called “the principle and method of self-development” in the young...

The Young Turks of the social studies movement, known as “Reconstructionists” because of their desire to remake the social order, went further. In the 1920s, Reconstructionists like Counts and Harold Ordway Rugg argued that high schools should be incubators of the social regimes of the future. Teachers would instruct students to “discard dispositions and maxims” derived from America’s “individualistic” ethos, wrote Counts. A professor in Columbia’s Teachers College and president of the American Federation of Teachers, Counts was for a time enamored of Joseph Stalin. After visiting the Soviet Union in 1929, he published A Ford Crosses Soviet Russia, a panegyric on the Bolsheviks’ “new society.” Counts believed that in the future, “all important forms of capital” would “have to be collectively owned,” and in his 1932 essay “Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order?,” he argued that teachers should enlist students in the work of “social regeneration.”
 There's one in power today who echos this ideology, and openly campaigned to remake America.

The modern day teacher's union is very much in agreement with Mr. Obama - paid for with your tax dollars, of course.

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